“Kate is amazing!!  As soon as we met, I knew I  had made the right decision.  By having daily walks, Fred has become a different (and much better) dog.  I had a tough time coming home during the day for his walks and needed some help.  Being able to see his walks live and getting pictures has been fantastic!  Leaving him at home all day while I’m at work used to be hard, but knowing he in great hands has made me feel so much better.  Thank you so much!  Fred (and I) absolutely love you!”

                                                                                                           Janice Schwartz, Aurora, Colorado


“Hire Calico Pet Sitting immediately!!  When I was checking out professional pet sitting companies, no one knew how to handle my Mastiff.  Tucker is 165 pounds and really, really, really big!   I called another company and the owner wouldn’t even talk with me. because my Tucker was too big.  When Michael came for the preservice visit, it was love at first sight 🙂  Tucker has an amazing disposition and loves taking walks with Michael.  Getting pictures and texts while I’m at work just makes my day.  I highly recommend Michael and the Calico Pet Sitting team!” 

                                                                                                                      Sara Kalis, Littleton, Colorado



“AMAZING!! I highly recommend Calico Pet Sitting!  I’ve always loved to travel, but felt terrible leaving my cats at home.  My (unreliable) family and friends tried their best, but after a while, I felt bad asking them to come over and watch my cats.  As a photographer, I travel a lot and really needed to find a professional pet sitter.  I interviewed 3 companies and went with Kate because she was not only professional, but had a great disposition with my kitties!.  I have to say that the part I liked best was being able to see (via the app/GPS) exactly when my pet sitter arrived and left.  Plus, I was sent multiple pictures during every visit.  My cats are my babies and I would never trust them to anyone but Kate and her team.  Thank you!!”

                                                                                                          Kristen Fergusen, Denver, Colorado

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Having Mike here has been amazing for Bella and Sully.  We both work and were having a really tough time taking them on their walks.  Having Mike and Kate walk them every day gives them the exercise they need and it lets us know that they are being taken care of.  I can’t believe we didn’t hire them sooner!” 

                                                                                                Dan and Carey Tinely, Denver, Colorado

“We absolutely loved Michael!  He stayed overnight to take care of our older dog who needs extra care .  Michael made sure Jake took all of his meds and was able to get up and down our stairs as needed.  They went on leisurely walks and played in the backyard with his favorite ball.  We loved getting updates and seeing the exact location where Jake went on his walks in real-time (through the app).  We have a tough time leaving Jake when we travel, but know he is in great hands with Michael! Thanks!”  

Jodi Brown, Denver, Colorado (Cherry Creek)


“Our Luna is much happier now that Kate has been walking her every day! We used to come home to a house that was practically destroyed, but now, we come home to a happy, but exhausted, dog. We can’t thank Kate enough for all of her expertise and love!”     

                    Lauren Sanders, Denver, Colorado


“Kate is a compassionate, happy and responsible person. When I met her I was immediately at ease and 100% certain my dog would be well cared for. My dog has a strict insulin schedule and Kate’s ability to take care of her on-time each and every day was very comforting. I know Kate took care of Mindy per my instructions because I received pictures and updates every 12 hours (Mindy needs her insulin and food 2 times/day at 12 hour intervals). I couldn’t have had a better experience! Thanks Kate!”                                                                     

                                                                                                              Josh Allen, Aurora, Colorado

“Kate is fantastic! My cockapoo, Anna, is often nervous around big dogs and suffers from separation anxiety; nevertheless, Kate continuously made sure Anna feel comfortable and happy during her entire stay. I felt confident from the start that Kate would do an awesome job and she never disappoints! Our family will be hiring Kate again and again! Highly recommend!”

                                                                                                    Christina Branch, Denver, Colorado


“Kate has been my go-to pet sitter for over 5 years! She is professional, compassionate and always reliable!  We hired Kate to walk our dog throughout the week and to take care of our dog, two cats and parakeet whenever we were away (yea, it’s a lot!). Kate texted updates and pictures every day, which always made us smile and feel great.  When I first met Kate, she was running a TNRM(trap-neuter-return-monitor) project in our neighborhood in order to help with the feral cat population. She explained how TNRMworks and even trained us on how to take care of our colony. When I found out that Kate works as a professional pet sitter and dog walker, I asked for her services immediately! Now, we wouldn’t trust our pets to anyone else!”

                                                                                                         Michael Rock, Hoboken, NJ


“Kate is fantastic! Before I met Kate, my two dogs, Sundance and Phoenix, had never stayed with anyone before, except family. I was apprehensive at first, but when Kate came over for our preservice visit, I knew my boys were in excellent hands!  Every day we received photos, videos and text messages showing us how our little guys were doing. Kate is professional, dependable, energetic and attentive! Whenever we leave town, Kate is our go-to person. We highly recommend her!

                                                                                                         Jane Mans, Aurora, Colorado