Cat Sitting Services

No need to worry about your loved ones or home while you’re away!

  • We make pet sitting visits up to four times per day, in the morning, midday & afternoon & evening, every day of the year
  • Visits include: feeding & water change, playtime, litter box cleaning and TLC
  • In addition to taking care of your pet, we will rotate blinds & curtains, bring in the mail & newspaper and water a few indoor plants
  • Additional cats or pocket pets: $3 per pet



30 minutes | $23

Great for cats that require a quick feed, litter box scoop and a few minutes of playtime. 

45 minutes | $30

Fantastic for kittens and cats that enjoy extra playtime and snuggles. 

60 minutes | $36

Excellent for the social cat or kitten who may get lonely or have separation anxiety.